What is the perfect day? Have you ever considered what this looks like?

The point is, other than for big occasions, we don’t spend enough time actually creating our perfect days. Is this because we are afraid of setting up an agenda for disappointment?

Also, are perfect days only perfect when we look back on them and see them in a different light? For example our prominent memories are the ones we focus on, so when we look back we draw out those prominent points, and we constantly recreate our feelings around those points, which can distort what actually happened at the time of the event.

So when you reflect on a perfect day in your life, can you re-connect with the feelings of that event? Could you think back to what was a perfect day and could you recreate that day? What does it feel like now?

Sean Anchor on Happiness

I while back I watched a talk by Sean Anchor who suggests that before you go to sleep each night, that you replay the highlights (the best bits) of your day, and create a gratitude list. (Link to the talk below)

He suggests enhancing and reinforcing the best bits so that we get to experience them twice and when we look back we remember each day from a positive perspective.

What about creating perfect days going forward?

When I woke this morning, I knew the topic for this podcast was going to be the Perfect Day so I thought, perhaps I’d better focus on creating this day as a perfect day.

Last night I planned to bake bread today. So that was the first think I wanted to do. Then I did 15 minutes of Yoga and went out for a 45 minute run, followed by creating this podcast. So far this day is shaping up to be perfectly what I want it to be, but the key is not to be attached to the outcome.

For example the bread may not have come out as perfectly as it did. Would I have let that spoil my perfect day?

Give yourself some wiggle room.

If we want to keep creating the things we want and re-creating perfect days in the future, we have to give ourselves some wiggle room and accept what comes, but remained focussed on the positive aspects. This is how we develop an abundance mentality.

So whatever you choose today, I hope it’s a good one for you.

Getting Stuff Done

In the last event we talked about getting the stuff done. Implementing action plans to do the things we want to do to move forward. This is something I am passionate about, not only in my own life, but in supporting others in theirs too.

Through Life Passion & Business I offer Focus Coaching to help you get stuff done and I believe this is key in moving things forward through these difficult times.

Focus coaching identifies what you want, identify the blocks, take away those blocks and support you to make it happen and the amazing thing is this can be done in focused 20 minute sessions.

If you are interested follow the links below for more details.


Life Passion & Business Focus Coaching

Shawn Achor TedTalk

Change Your World Everyday Coaching Group
Coach / Speaker: Sally Baker

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