The things we love? Is it the car or our phone? So what does it mean to love something? I am not talking about a person. I am talking about an item, an object or a brand. My guest on the show has been researching how we love for over 30 years.

Our show today is the first recording in our streamlined format, and it makes the show more compact. I hope you enjoy it.

The conversation is in 2 parts. The first part will be audio, and the second will be on our YouTube channel.

Dr Aaron Ahuvia is the Czarnecki Endowed Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the world’s leading expert on brand love.

And that all started with research work in dating services. He and a colleague were looking at how dating apps work. But before exploring that side of the project, they needed to understand love. It was the start of a 30-year journey.

His work on brand love has been recognized not just in academia but also in industry. In 2019 he received the Stetik Group Brand Relationship Award for research that has influenced business practice.

Before all of this Aaron, is a philosopher, and as you will hear in our conversation, semantics is everything. 

We cover his journey through the five questions and what it takes for him to live a good life.

In part 2 of our conversation on YouTube, we explore the ideas behind loving brands and objects. We explore some of the pitfalls that AI may open when coming to that bonding with inanimate things because they respond to us. . 

You can find that conversation here

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