Are you on purpose? Our story today is about finding a purpose and living it because sailing the waves of life without direction or a rudder is an arduous journey.

My guest with me today is Adam Duran. He was the youngest sibling in his family and always felt like an underachiever. That failure pattern was repeated at and on into high school, where trouble became his middle name. He left without graduation, and his life was on the road to nowhere.

As always, with these stories, the universe offers a hand. During his high school years, Adam’s father rediscovered his faith and encouraged the family to attend church.

So at 18 and out of school without graduation and life looking so bleak, somehow church called him. That right, this tearaway lad was called to theological college, and he had a plan, and it was ministry.

It is fair to say that plan that did run straight, but it was an adventure. Adam built a life that his 15-year-old self never thought was possible. While at college, he met a girl, and they had a child. He got a job in law enforcement as she became a drug addict. Yes, it has all of the twists and turns of a good TV drama.

Living Life On Purpose

Our conversation is lively and passionate about how his faith was tested and how he came through the tough times. It is also about living with meaning and purpose and getting what you want. For Adam, it was always about being on purpose and focused. With hindsight, he can understand why his original plan for ministry became a 30-year career in law enforcement career. Because it was where he could be the most effective minister. It was about supporting those whose lives had begun like his but did not have the breaks that he had.

Adam is now retired from law enforcement, and he has moved into his second career as an Author, writer and speaker. He has taken his skills from ministry, law enforcement and fitness and written a book called “Live Life On Purpose.”

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