Alex Joseph is a former DJ and burned-out finance executive with an appreciation of doughnuts. She kept the doughnut bit but dumped the rest by turning her passion into a profession.

As a woman with the capacity to commit and focus on a goal, Alex was as a high powered business executive with an ability to make stuff happen.

It was all about getting the deal done and if that meant 16 hour days and or finishing that last email while busting for a pee. That is what Alex did.

I have heard it said that man is the only animal that will trade health to make wealth and then use wealth to regain health.

Workaholic to Behaviour Change

The long hours in banking and constant stress took their toll, and Alex reached the place of burn out. She hit bottom being a workaholic was destroying her body, her health and her relationships.

It was these feelings of helplessness that became the driving force behind her need to change.

Alex Joseph

Throughout her journey of stress and work addiction and poor health, it was her need to find a workable diet that started the journey. That interest led her to become a qualified nutritionist.

But it was more than just food, we all know what we should eat but often make poor choices. Alex went on to explore the thinking behind food choice and has become a self-confessed neuroscience geek.

Gone is the high power business executive, Alex Jospeh did the terrifying, yet exciting midlife career change.

It is her mission is to help people by showing them how to shift the weight plus see the return to health and sanity. More importantly, its about staying that way for good.

Alex Joseph

“It is all about making life simple, which is why the words behaviour change, lifestyle change and habits are key to my process.”

Her superpower is the ‘how’ and ‘why and teaching people that real success is in our mind.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Alex Joseph.

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