Some people let the day or week just sweep them along in a wave of things that need doing. That is a phrase that stuck with me from my conversation with Alexis Haselberger.

I was reminded of this again when a social media backlash was directed at Molly-Mae Hague the creative director of ‘PrettyLittleThing’ when she said on a podcast  “we all have the same 24 hours in a day.” The backlash was about privilege, but the point is she was both right and wrong because the wealthier we are, the more we get to choose how we use our time. Yet even limited hours used wisely can make a massive difference between meeting our basic needs or creating the life we truly desire.

I have said before, watching Netflix and hoping things will get better is not going to solve anyone’s problems. However, if you are looking for the lazy route to success, this could be the show for you.

This Week’s Guest

Alexis Haselberger is a super-organizer. Ever since childhood, she has planned her life, not because she is driven to a career or great achievement, but because she is a self confessed lazy person who wants to maximize her time doing what she wants. In her own words…

“My efficiency was driven by my laziness and I refer to myself as a very driven lazy person”

The Lazy Person’s Winning Formula

As a child, Alexis’ TV time was limited, so she would cross-reference the TV schedule to maximize her opportunity to watch her favourite shows. When she went to NYU Gallatin School she was offered an individualized approach to education that allowed her to create her own degree with an eclectic mix of philosophy and art, which meant hours of painting and printmaking.

On top of this Alexis paid her way through college by working for a small merger and acquisitions firm. She did everything from payroll to hiring. It was almost a full-time job, and testament to the power and capacity she has to organize her life well. 

At 23 she decided to leave New York and headed to her parents in Seattle, considered Portland an eventually landed in San Francisco. Within six months she found a role with a tech start-up company and met the man she would marry.

Over time she began to specialize in HR and operations and for10+ years she took senior roles in HR and management, one of which included the renovation of a football stadium. Throughout all of this it was her organizational skills that carried her through.

As you will hear in the show, she had failures and set backs along the way but was never phased by them. It all came back to creating resources and time to live the life she wants.

It’s A Gift To Be Shared

When her last job ended in 2018 it was time to do something different. Today Alexis is a Time Management and Productivity Coach helping people do more with less stress. She offers coaching, workshops and online courses.  She says it’s all about finding what works for you.

To get you started, she offers a FREE Distraction Action Plan:

Please take this opportunity to join me in welcoming this conversion with Alexis Haselberger.

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