Could you remove yourself from your business or life for 6 weeks while you take a road trip with the family? It is about creating s systems for success, it is about being organised and with processes and procedures for what you do so that others could do it for you.

My guest on the programme is a systems man, as a child, he was a natural entrepreneur,  at 10 he was always making stuff and selling it. But then he came from a family where business and selling were just normal. 

Alexis Kingsbury was born in Nottinghamshire in the UK. As the clever child, he was seen as the geek, the one with his hand up in class. The point is he was driven to learn and business was his primary interest. The question was how do you make them grow

After taking business studies at advanced level and went on to Loughborough University to study management science. He was still looking for the answer to that question, how do you grow a business past yourself
It was only after leaving university that he found the answer. He went into management consultancy and got to experience first-hand what the inside of a scaled business looks like.

He was terrified on his first day on the job with a new client and he was able to save them 1000s within 10 minutes.

What he discovered is that scaling a business is about people and systems.

Systems For Success

Our conversation is about his ability to break down a process and create systems. He discovered what came to him with ease was difficult for others. Ultimately he left the consultancy to start up a business with a partner. They created  Airmanual and Spider gap both software services that support businesses to grow and scale.

Over the last 15 years, Alexis has worked with hundreds of business leaders to save them 1,000s of hours of their time each year, help them work more effectively, and unlock their business growth. As a speaker and guest, he has been sharing his findings, and it’s had a huge impact on many businesses

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