My guest is Ali Shah, founder of social media app called TapeReel, created as a reaction to the lack of real connection in society. He feels that social media is pushing us apart more than it brings us together. With TapeReel you can record and only engage through audio and video.

Lost In The Search For Meaning & Connection

Like many parents of South Asian origin, Ali’s parents had plans for his future that involved being in a key profession, while he was more interested in the creative side of business and marketing. He ended up with a portfolio career in Market Research through Consulting and Project Management.  The entrepreneurial itch had him buying into a Subway franchise, that he says was like ‘buying’ a job. When he realised this, he quit and returned to the job market.

After years in different companies, both big and small, Ali discovered the exciting work went to the contractors. So, he created a mobile and Web Analytics consultancy that was successful and allowed him to explore various projects and app developments, which lead to several spin-off projects all with varying success.

But he was struggling with his personal life. A search for meaning led him on a journey to South America to a shamanic retreat where he experienced a transformation.  You can hear the full detail of this experience in our virtual event Spirit-duality.

The TapeReel Connection

On his return, Ali simplified his life and looked for a means to create more connection.  TapeReel, is a reaction to what Ali sees as a lack of real connection in society. He feels that social media, with its algorithms and advertising is pushing us apart more than it brings us together.  His mission is to champion the bond of human connection by helping people truly connect and be themselves in a safe, inspiring, and knowledgeable community where everyone can be heard while building a legacy of meaningful memories.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ali Shah.

Ali Shah’s TapeReel Connections:


As I mentioned, Ali is one of our speakers in Spirit-duality where he is sharing what he discovered on his shamanic retreat to Ecuador. The event is an invitation to explore and understand the connection and disconnection of living as a human being and a spiritual being. It explores spirituality from many perspectives including the Science of Spirituality and the Spiritual nature of Money. More details are available on our EVENTS page.

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