My guest on this weeks programme is Ana Wilson the Business Doula. At 24 she is the youngest person I’ve ever had on the podcast.  But I am not going to hold that against her. Ana is a young entrepreneur who has always been self-employed ever since she left full-time education.

Ana Wilson the Business Doula

Ana Wilson the Business DoulaAnastasia Wilison (I am sure she will hate me for that, but it is a name of distinction) Ana has a good sense of where she’s going and what life is about, and apart from few side jobs, she has always been the entrepreneur. Her Clients call her the business doula as she helps bring their vision to life

Like a lot of my guests, we are Facebook connections. While I did not know here well before the conversation, there was something in her posts and our interaction and kept my interest.

The main point of this interview for me was that it is interesting to talk to someone who is in the early years of their business life.

let me explore this with you a little. When I was Ana’s age, I worked for a company. There was absolutely no focus or interesting, it was a job that kept my Fridays apart. I had little expectation for it or where my life was going.

Like many of my contemporaries, we were directionless at that age. Just waiting for an opportunity to drop in our laps.

Generation Z

Born at the beginning of generation Z she grew up with the internet social media. The availability of knowledge and ideas. I think that has been the driving force of change in our society. It has made it possible for young people to start a business and make a difference in the world

You can discover everything on youtube or online. So the possibility of finding inspiration is not down to the luck of the right teachers or moving in the right social networks. Motivation is open to us all with a few clicks or swipes of the screen.

However, there have to be the right social conditions, and you must be ready to receive what you are looking for.

For me it was fascinating to meet a young business owner, with the knowledge and awareness that has taken me years to obtain.

I am talking about the skills of mindset and health and what it takes to be and survive as an entrepreneur.

It is all about mindset

Ana was very candid we explore my usual question, and I think she is still on the quest. Never the less she shared essential insights as we talked about mindset and mental health and how it affects her life if not well managed.

I feel privileged that Ann took time out to speak with the old guy and explore my dumbass questions.

We all live in both, challenging and exciting times. If Ana is anything to go by we are in good hands. Because she represents the progression of society. It was very refreshing for me to meet someone so young who has the knowledge, drive and passion for what they do and is out there doing it.

The thought occurred to me when making this show, could I have been that focus at that age, how might this life have turned out differently. But then we would not be having this conversation so no regrets..,

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ana Wilson the business Doula



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