Anne Clarke is a facilitator for Access Consciousness and if you have not had your bars run you are missing out. But first, let’s talk about my news. I have decided to test my passion with running, I have entered into the Loch Ness 10K road race. I’ve never done road racing before, and I only started road running in April.

If you want to know more about my running adventure check out the podcast “The spud with legs“. I still don’t understand why I’ve entered the race because I don’t need to run 10K to prove I can. But it seemed like the thing to do, and I my race number arrived this morning.

In Other News

I put a request this week in one of my facebook groups for ladies to step forward for the podcast. Here is an odd discovery when I put out invites for people to come on to the show. The gentlemen stepped forward without much of a do, or concern. The ladies are a bit more introspective and have to think about it.

Having put out the challenge I have had a fantastic response, as someone pointed out I was not asking the right ladies. I now have interviews booked with some tremendous women starting next week.

Speaking of fantastic women Anne Clarke, now I mention this on last week’s show that I had got lost in her voice and the story, it ran over an hour. The plan was to cut it down into bite-sized chunks, tried I can’t do it; it’s not possible. I listened to it through, and I was captivated as before and didn’t stop the programme. So I will cut in half and publish it in two parts.

I know some of my podcasts run to an hour, but the extra 15 minutes is a little long.

Anne Clarke Part One and Two

Anne Clarke When I first considered the podcast, Anne was at the top of the list of women. I have to admit I was curious and wanted to know the story. I’ve known her for probably 5 or 6 years our children went to the same school. I was involved as a trustee at the time, and Anne was one of the parents that made a significant contribution in the various conversations that we had around the school and events.

She was a mother with young children, and I saw her in that context. Then a little later I saw a photograph taken at an event and the difference in her was unbelievable, something had shifted.



Over that last few years, I’ve seen her on different stages and platforms around the world. To some extent living theAnne Clarke laptop lifestyle while holding the responsibilities of being the mum. She is a facilitator for Access Consciousness, and that journey has revolutionised her life. However, she was avoiding my invitations to speak until I met her in Tesco and convinced her to take part. Her condition was that we have our chat face to face, on my sofa.


I hope you enjoy part one of this a conversation as much as I did.


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To connect with you can find her on Facebook

On on here Website   Access for Now 

Her podcast from the Sunday Gathering is here

Part 2 will apear here on Monday 10th September.

Here is part 2 of Anne Clarke

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