My conversation today is about the power of journaling and the importance of approval and validation.

As you may already know, I have a morning routine that includes writing. For me, this takes the form of asking questions and seeing what comes back. Recently I have been thinking about the Podcast and the direction it is going, and there was one question that came up and stopped me in my tracks:

Are you looking for approval?

The reflexive answer that came was:

I am looking to have meaning, to be of value to others in the world. So yes, I am looking for validation that I have a purpose here.

From this I suddenly realized how powerful validation is for all of us and how this connects back to seeking approval. It also demonstrates why I recommend journaling as a tool for accessing the deeper questions that can otherwise be left unrecognised and unexplored.

I hope you find my reflections and explorations helpful in your own journey and that you will consider validating what you learn from it.

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