Whenever I speak about this podcast, I am asked, Who is your audience?
And it is a fascinating question, my sense of it is you are people searching for answers.

But the truth is, I don’t know who you are. The nature of the podcast media is a one-way conversation.

The audience survey is my opportunity to connect and get some answers.

There are 10 mostly multiple-choice questions. The normal stuff you ask people to try and determine the average listener point of view.

So if you could take 5 minutes to answer those questions on the page below it would be wonderful.

There is no free gifts or prizes for entering this data. I’m literally asking a bit about you and hoping you want to support me.

Privacy. The data is never shared or used outside of this project. I only asked your name because it is nice to know. The email address is entirely optional. I ask for it so I can connect with you if there was something you said that was really interesting. You might be the guest I am looking for…

The data will be kept for 6 months and is only being used to determine the podcast content and direction. It does not put you on any email list.

Audience Survey
Age range? It’s an audience survey, we need to place you
Male or Female ( It is a content relevance thing ) *
How did you discover this podcast? Nice to know who and where.. *
How would you define your day job? *
How do you feel about the BIG Life questions? *
How many episode have you listened to?