Whenever I speak about the podcast, I am asked, “Who is your audience?

The answer often feels elusive to me and there are only a few things I can determine through stats. Based on the podcast title and the topics I choose to talk about, my general sense is you are people searching for answers. But to be honest, I don’t really know who you are and I would love to.

This audience survey is my opportunity to connect with you, discover what you want from the show and determine how to deliver the best content.

So if you are willing to spare 5 minutes to answer the questions below it would be wonderful. They are mostly multiple-choice and a few more suitable for a written answer. The normal stuff people ask to determine the average listener point of view. You can share as much or as little as you like, I am grateful for all contributions.

Your Privacy Is Respected. The information is for me alone. I never share data. Name and email are entirely optional, I only ask so I can connect with you if there is something you said that was really interesting. They will not be added to any mailing lists.

The data will be kept for 6 months and is only being used to determine the podcast content and direction.

Audience Survey
Age range
How would you define your day job?
How do you generally feel about your life?
How did you discover the podcast?
How many podcast episodes have you listened to?

Thank you, I really appreciate your time and support.