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What Are We Feeding Our Dreams?

I am noticing that my latest Netflix box sets are turning up as night time action in my dreams, and whilst this is very entertaining, I have been wondering if I am giving this inner resource the best materials to work with.

Jennifer Main : The Empathic Initiator

Jennifer Main : Empathic Initiator

Can you imagine what it would be like growing up if the shadows in the dark were not figments of your imagination? Jennifer’s psychic abilities meant that as a child those shadows were more real and scary than they are for the rest of us.

Ali Shah : TapeReel onnection in Society podcast interview

Ali Shah : Connection in Society

My guest is Ali Shah, founder of social media app called TapeReel, created as a reaction to the lack of real connection in society. He feels that social media is pushing us apart more than it brings us together. With TapeReel you can record and only engage through audio and video.

Thoughts on Community

This Sunday reflection is exploring the importance of community. As humans, we create them everywhere, and when we lose them or leave it hurts. Spirit-duality is less than seven days away, do get your ticket; these conversations are not to be missed. The tickets are Free for the Inspirational section. Read more…