The one thing that stood out above everything with Axel Meierhoefer is his dedication to Precision and Excellence. Our conversation is the journey from his early passion for aviation and how that led him to understanding that success is when…

“People really gel into a coherent team that enjoys collaborating with each other.”

He says it’s about anticipating what the next person needs, when it is needed and what you need to do, not because somebody told you, but because you’re doing it in support of the overall objective.

“That form of success has a lot to do with trust…
It’s a very special chemistry.”

It’s a level of trust that’s not easy to establish, especially because people mostly have different personalities, goals and perspectives on how things should be. Although it is possible, it is rare for people to put aside personal desires to work as a single unit with a single objective. Axel says that although he has worked in many teams, he has only experienced this level of excellence three times in his life.

The Driving Passion

His early interest in aviation developed through his mother’s references to an uncle who worked for Lufthansa. Whenever they saw a contrail she would declare “Look Axel, Uncle Gert is up there.” As if he was in every plane that ever flew. It’s a simple comment to a young child, however it sparked an interest which continued throughout his young life.

Upon leaving school Axel was accepted into flight training with Lufthansa, but with the current demand, they could not promise a job afterwards. So, looking for more precise job security and greater potential to fly, he decided to join the German Air Force.  He trained hard and became a pilot for GR4, otherwise known as the Tornado.  As we spoke about this on zoom I could see the twinkle in his eye. 

Our aviation discussion includes lots of exciting stats like how the Tornado can travel at something like twice the speed of sound for about 20-minutes while using enough fuel to power a house for 2 years. This is where we also begin to understand his passion for technology, precision and problem-solving. 

Collaborative Excellence

The real opportunity for Axel came with a German and US Air Force exchange programme. He moved his family out to New Mexico to work in this collaborative team. It was in that project that he learned the skills of team development and project management.

“We were an amazing team and what we accomplished in those five years is still blowing my mind. And many other people said I don’t know how you guys did that.”

However, flying fast jets is a young man’s game. G-Force takes a toll on the body, and in your 40’s it becomes challenging to continue flying. The option to fly a desk was not attractive, so Axel chose to leave the military and start  a consultancy business. This made the move to living in the US permanent. 

Precision & Excellence in Business

Axel found his goal-orientated training was much in demand, and he was able to take his military training and precision into the pharmaceutical industry. This work led to some fantastic projects that have changed peoples lives. Axel says that excellence comes when we are able to find cures. Such as those found for people suffering from Haemophilia and other rare childhood diseases. 

Again it is about working collaboratively as a team, with each person playing their part in bringing the whole to fruition…

“I like this concept of the role of the conductor. As the conductor, you don’t need to be the best player of any of the instruments. You need to know how they all fit together and how to enable everyone in your orchestra to do the best job they can”

His consultancy business is doing well. But not being one to stand still, Axel has turned his attention towards creating a passive income for his future.

Axel’s Latest Project

Bringing precision and excellence together once again, Axel combines them with his talent for organisation and has developed a system for property investments.

He began thinking about applying profits towards his retirement and the research he did clearly indicated that owning real assets would be the best way. This led to the development of a residential real estate investment portfolio currently worth about $1.5 Million and is still growing. He now offers the many lessons he learned along the way in the form of coaching and mentoring others.

On his website the mission statement is…

“To help 1000 People Reach Economic Independence through Residential Real Estate Investing by 2030″

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