The mindful journey is about being conscious of how we live in each moment, and yet, most of the time, we actively seek to keep ourselves in distracted with busy stuff and routines. What if there was no routine?  

My guest on the show is Billy Lahr from Minnesota, who grew up on a farm with no interest in farming. Billy did college with the idea of becoming a computer programmer and, by accident, gravitated toward teaching. 

It became a career and he lived an everyday life working in education for 21 years. Taking a promotion he became the dean of students. If you are not aware, the dean is the butt of the joke in every teen movie and are universally disliked by the students.

It is a role of service meeting the needs of the students, but when the dean gets involved, it is because of a problem.  

For a people person working in a conflict role, it wasn’t easy. He did the job for six years before becoming disenfranchised from budding mental health concerns and lacking job satisfaction. So he made a huge decision to give it all up to travel while developing a mindfulness practice.

The laptop lifestyle is attractive and sounds lovely until you try it… I have limited experience while on the road for a few months in the UK and running this podcast. Finding good wifi can be depressing.  

Billy has been hopping countries since 2021, and our conversation about that journey of self-discovery. He has travelled extensively in Asia to countries where he knows no one and does not speak the language.

This conversation has no big finale ending, as the question is still ongoing. There have been highs and lows, and he is still to answer whether he will continue his travels or return to the States and go back to teaching.

Our conversation is long and will be in 2 parts.

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