When I started this podcast project, it was just about exploring my questions and life journey. While still early days what I am discovering has been priceless. Much of that is down to the generosity of my guests, who want to share their thoughts and experiences

The gift this week is my guest Ketan Makwana, I first saw him speak at an event in London 2 years ago. He is a well-known speaker both internationally and on the TEDx circuit. To put that is context, In 2017 he travelled just under  120,000 miles did 42 cities and over 250 events.

The man is a serial entrepreneur and mentor and has started, scaled a sold multiple businesses in the last seven years.

Our story begins in 2011, for various social economic and political reasons August that years saw riots on the streets of London.

Ketan’s rise to prominence was due to his response to that summer madness. He could see the issue was in part to the emerging skills gap between education and employment.

In 2012 Ketan founded and delivered an event called Youth Enterprise Live. It was a project backed by the Prime Minister of the day David Cameron. The project was the UK’s largest event focussed on Education, Employment and Enterprise for 15-30-year-olds.

It was an outstanding success. In our conversation, you will hear how that event was conceived and how at the last moment a hitch put it all at risk.

For Ketan Enterprise live was the springboard to his speaking career and lead to him becoming a special advisor for the UK the EU and other governments in matters of strategy enterprise and employment.

His current project is the disruptive agency. It is training operation that is supporting Mindset, Attitude & Behaviour development and presently serving over 100,000 people a year across the world.

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It was an easy conversation as there was so much to talk about.

8.00 Writing cheques the body cannot cash

10.00 Your network is your net worth

12.30 Scaling the business by know what are you in the business of.

15.30 Growth is about Letting go

17.00 A strange event presenting in the boxing ring

23.00 The London riot and the failure of business and education

24.30 Enterprise lab and a disruption of the employment industry

27.15 Someone needs to do something. Who is someone?

28.45 Youth Enterprise live £750000 of loan funding £150000 social Enterprise funding 3000 internships 300 jobs.

31.15 Disaster “Pay 30K by 9 am or it’s cancelled. Sitting in the dark

43.00 The platform for passion and sharing the story

45.00 The disrupter Academy

48.00 The importance of putting your mask on before others

49.00 The meaning of life is…

51.00 Eating rice and running 3 jobs

55.00 Everything is connected and what is needed to succeed

You can get in touch with Ketan through the following links.