Life and death are way beyond our control, but we can change our reactions. My guess on the show today is here with a story of loss grief and recovery.  She is an international speaker with four books to her name, including the best seller Widows Wear Stilettos.

Carole Brody Fleet lives in Southern California and started her career in the legal profession. She met a fantastic man, a Vietnam vet and a serving police officer.  They had a daughter, and life was good.

After 15 years in the legal profession, the hours were not compatible with family life, so Carole moved into a senior position within the beauty and cosmetic industry.   

In the late 90s, Mike was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, an illness that was brought to prominence by the late Stephen Hawkin. He lived with the disease for years, however, Carole’s husband Mike had a more aggressive form and degenerated quickly, dying within two years.

Unlike most of my guests, asking questions about passion and success is not so easy when the journey is not a choice. But this story is about rebuilding a life, at a time when most of the resources for grief were unhelpful. It was a time before the internet and social media the resources were not there to find the support she needed..

A New Career

Carole’s had five years of widowhood and found a route to the point where she was inspired to write. What started as notes on a legal pad became the best selling book and the beginning of a new career.

The book “Widows wear Stilettos” is a chronological manual to help women out of grief, it helps them to find a new story for their life. It has been republished for its second edition. That is a testament to its success. 

Carole’s mission her why is is to help those through loss and bereavement, in the process, she has created a community of supportive women around her. 

Today Carole is an accomplished writer, with four books including Widows Wear Stilettos, she is a regular contributor to Chicken Soup of the soul, the Huffington Post. She is a speaker appearing on stage  Radio, TV and on podcasts like ours.

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