What lies beyond grief? At some point in life everyone dies. No matter what we do to avoid it, it’s a fact. The real question is, how do we learn to live with it and how do we move on?

This week is Grief Awareness week in the UK and my guest Carole Henderson knows quite a bit about that. Not only has she learned to live with her own grief, she has discovered how to mourn well and support others to do the same.

But more importantly, as a Grief Recovery Educator and heart healer, the message she brings is that there are many forms of grief. From the devastating and sudden loss of someone close, right down to the grief we experience when we discover the last chocolate in the box has already gone!

No matter who you are, at some point you will have faced grief in some form or other. Join me for this educational journey about what it truly means to live well beyond grief.

Carole’s Story

Carole married the love of her life when she was 20, she relocated her job and left her family home to be with Kevin who was 21. Together they built an amazing life which included great holidays and a big house. Inspired by their careers and happy with the life they had, they chose not to have children and pets.Then Kevin was diagnosed with cancer.

This monumental life shift included Carole taking redundancy to look after him. Kevin’s well-being became her priority but this also meant that when he died at just 41, she found herself widowed, with no job and living in a big house,  miles away from friends and family.

Whilst our conversation follows Carole’s journey, it also unpacks what it truly means to experience grief and loss. If this is something you have experienced, much of what Carole shares is likely to be familiar to you.

For others, Carole offers a unique insight in how to relate to and help those who are grieving, and share insights into grief that you may not have considered. It is not just about the death of a loved one. As you will discover there are many other forms of grief to consider, and Carole’s organisation offers tools, tips, books and training courses to help with all of them.

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Carole also has a new venture to help Heart Centred businesses coming out in the new year. The link to be first to learn more is www.2-h.co.uk

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