RJ Singh Ultra Habits podcast conversation with Life Passion & Business

RJ Singh : Ultra Habits

Today’s guest is RJ Singh, podcast host and advocate for Ultra Habits. Have you considered how we live within a framework? Models for behaviour might come from extended family, church or other communities. But what if, growing up, you were not given enough structure. RJ Singh had a fend for Read more…

Freelance Survival with Sarah Townsend on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Sarah Townsend : Freelance Survival

My guest on the show today is Sarah Townsend and our topic of conversation is Freelance Survival. Sarah is a freelance copywriter and author of the book ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’ a resource to support others on the freelance journey. She says it’s all about balance, particularly for freelance service providers Read more…

Shaahin Cheyene on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Shaahin Cheyene : Rags To Riches

This week’s conversation with Shaahin Cheyene is a classic true life Rags to Riches story. From poor beginnings, Shaahin made more money before he was 20 than most of us could make in many lifetimes.

So, although this podcast isn’t about building financial wealth, I was intrigued to find out what motivates someone to get out of bed each morning when they don’t need to.

Steve Gerein SongShop Podcast Conversation on Life Passion & Business

Steve Gerein : SongShop

Steve Gerein is a musician, entrepreneur, dream follower and co-founder of SongShop dedicated to bringing musicians and songwriters together. He is also a great testament to the benefits of coming to personal development work early in life and the recognition that we are in charge of what we get out of life and how we feel about it.