What Is Right In Front Of You?

Scroll Down for Links Welcome to this week’s Sunday reflection. These Shortcasts are mostly unplanned and are created as a way of connecting with you through whatever is occurring for me in the moment. Last week I had a piece of music running through my head. It had been ghosting Read more…

A Perfect Day

What is the perfect day? Have you ever considered what this looks like? The point is, other than for big occasions, we don’t spend enough time actually creating our perfect days. Is this because we are afraid of setting up an agenda for disappointment? Also, are perfect days only perfect Read more…

Martin Murray Rock Rose Gin Podcast Interview

Martin Murray : Rock Rose Gin

This is the story of Martin Murray, a man that has always been passionate about brewing and the drinks industry. It is his journey from a successful career in the oil and gas industry to rekindling his passion for brewing and distilling.