RJ Singh Ultra Habits podcast conversation with Life Passion & Business

RJ Singh : Ultra Habits

Today’s guest is RJ Singh, podcast host and advocate for Ultra Habits. Have you considered how we live within a framework? Models for behaviour might come from extended family, church or other communities. But what if, growing up, you were not given enough structure. RJ Singh had a fend for Read more…

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Shortcast : Be Awesome

How has 2022 started for you? Is it back into the normal routines, or is this your year to be Awesome? In today’s Shortcast I am exploring the value of dreaming as a way to beat the January blues. January can be the hardest month to get through. Particularly if Read more…

Nicoleta Porojanu on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Nicoleta Porojanu : Soul Healing

Today’s conversation with Nicoleta Porojanu brings the world of psychotherapy into a wider dimension, with her recognition that it is about the integration of body, mind and soul healing.

From a turbulent childhood with an alcoholic father, through the journey of healing from a rare form of breast cancer, Nicoleta brings a staggering depth to the insights gained through her life experiences.

Erin McCullough - Finding Your Joy on Life Passion & Business

Erin McCullough : Finding Your Joy

reaction which the counsellor explained was a panic attack. She had never experienced a panic attack before, nor had she any awareness of her suppressed emotions.

Finding Your Joy is Erin’s exploration of thoughts, feelings and anxiety. She reveals how finding joy is possible at any time, and that we do not have to do anything to matter. We are always relevant and our existence is enough.