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  • Rocky Lalvani : Taking The First Step

    Rocky Lalvani : Taking The First  Step

    Are you setting your course, are you taking that first step?   My guest on the show is an example of someone living a good life by design a man who came from humble beginnings.   Rocky Lalvani was born in India, when he was two years old, the family emigrated to the US, and while it […]

  • Steve Cook : Squeezing The Sponge

    Steve Cook : Squeezing The Sponge

    Our conversation is a little different this week as this story has no fall, crash or upheaval. However, it is about good communication and the search for meaning and purpose. My guest is unusual in that he is younger than most. What makes him interesting is he is the third generation of a thriving family […]

  • Deborah Johnson : Real and Authentic

    Deborah Johnson : Real and Authentic

    I have a special admiration for those with a natural talent for music and performance, I had the acting bug in my 20s, and still, I love singing in groups.  Our guest in the show is a creative powerhouse; she has written and performed numerous one-woman shows and has three musicals to her name. She […]

  • Paul Baron : Life Long Relationships

    Paul Baron : Life Long Relationships

    It can be said that life is about the connections, collaborations and relationships that we build. While it is possible to go through life alone, it would be a lonely journey. Let’s talk about Life-Long Relationships  My guest in the show at the time of recording was in his 70th year and is still in […]

  • Silja Thor : When The Bubble Bursts

    Recovery from a financial wipeout is never easy, but there is always the danger of repeating the past patterns.  My guest on the show today is a Serial Entrepreneur, and having started nine separate companies, she had an amazing journey through these different projects. Like all of our storytellers on this show, there is much […]

  • Paula Telizyn : A Near-Death Decision

    Paula Telizyn : A Near-Death Decision

    Are you living to your full potential or cruising a path well-trodden? What if you had a moment, a near-death experience. A point where you could live or die. Would it change you?  Most of us live life as if it will go on forever, and for the majority of us, we get to experience […]

  • Shortcast : Breaking Routines

    Shortcast : Breaking Routines

    Are you stuck in a pattern, and does it serve? Are your routines healthy and supportive or restrictive?  Only you will know, and maybe they need to be broken to be able to tell the difference.  In this show, we explore breaking routines and why it is essential to take time out from life to […]

  • Lisa Evans : The Story Midwife

    Lisa Evans : The Story Midwife

    We often define ourselves by the career, it is our story of what we do in the world, when it is taken away we are forced to reinvent ourselves. Lisa Evans was drawn to nursing at 17 years old; She qualified and trained as a midwife and specialised in neonatal care. Nursing is an international […]

  • Shortcast : Truth and Polarity

    Shortcast : Truth and Polarity

    What is truth, and who decides what is true?  Join me in a conversation about truth polarity and the desire to be right. Yes, I have been there, fighting for a position because it was essential to be right. I am sure we have all been in that position. In this show, we will look […]

  • Kevin Palimieri : Self Made & Miserable

    Kevin Palimieri : Self Made & Miserable

    What happens when reaching the dream, my guest was self made and miserable, he found it to be hollow, sometimes getting what we want is just not enough.  I think the guest on today’s show coined it best when he said. “I tried to make something profitable into something I was passionate about.” As you […]

  • Shortcast : Destiny of Luck

    Shortcast : Destiny of Luck

    In this show, I am exploring the destiny of luck and exploring how it is possible to bring more luck in your direction.  Does it needle when hearing about someone getting crowned with success or life’s prizes? Do you see other people as just lucky? It can be hard to see what looks like easy […]

  • Aaron Young : Corruption Crusader

    Aaron Young : Corruption Crusader

    Our story on the show is about a crusade against corruption, bribes and payments that ended with time in an African prison. But, that is just an outcome of a story that starts with early trauma, fear, anger and addiction. You are in for a conversation about love and compassion and being a better parent. […]