Freelance Survival with Sarah Townsend on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Sarah Townsend : Freelance Survival

My guest on the show today is Sarah Townsend and our topic of conversation is Freelance Survival. Sarah is a freelance copywriter and author of the book ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’ a resource to support others on the freelance journey. She says it’s all about balance, particularly for freelance service providers Read more…

Nicoleta Porojanu on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Nicoleta Porojanu : Soul Healing

Today’s conversation with Nicoleta Porojanu brings the world of psychotherapy into a wider dimension, with her recognition that it is about the integration of body, mind and soul healing.

From a turbulent childhood with an alcoholic father, through the journey of healing from a rare form of breast cancer, Nicoleta brings a staggering depth to the insights gained through her life experiences.

Rael Bricker Speaking For Success on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Rael Bricker : Speaking For Success

Following a life transition in 2015, today’s guest Rael Bricker, turned an early passion into a way of speaking for success that supports others. Stepping Out Born in South Africa during apartheid, Rael was not politically active, but from an early age he was conscious that he did not fit Read more…

Erin McCullough - Finding Your Joy on Life Passion & Business

Erin McCullough : Finding Your Joy

reaction which the counsellor explained was a panic attack. She had never experienced a panic attack before, nor had she any awareness of her suppressed emotions.

Finding Your Joy is Erin’s exploration of thoughts, feelings and anxiety. She reveals how finding joy is possible at any time, and that we do not have to do anything to matter. We are always relevant and our existence is enough.

Claudia Goetzelmann - Living Photography on Life Passion & Business podcast

Claudia Goetzelmann : Living Photography

Claudia Goetzelmann has a knack for seeking out the hidden beauty in people and in situations, even in death. She also has an implicit trust that life will support her.

How does she use this to express her passion? Through photography, and coaching women through midlife transitions.

Miriam Ismail - Passion For Life podcast interview feature on Life Passion & Business

Miriam Ismail : Passion For Life!

Miriam Ismail exudes passion for life and always has. She credits her optimistic outlook to her mother and says she has always had the capacity to see the positive side of things, even when they are challenging.

Through our conversation you will discover how she has combined her passion and zest for life with her desire to enable others to excel in their own purpose and ‘mission’ in life.

Shaahin Cheyene on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Shaahin Cheyene : Rags To Riches

This week’s conversation with Shaahin Cheyene is a classic true life Rags to Riches story. From poor beginnings, Shaahin made more money before he was 20 than most of us could make in many lifetimes.

So, although this podcast isn’t about building financial wealth, I was intrigued to find out what motivates someone to get out of bed each morning when they don’t need to.

Steve Gerein SongShop Podcast Conversation on Life Passion & Business

Steve Gerein : SongShop

Steve Gerein is a musician, entrepreneur, dream follower and co-founder of SongShop dedicated to bringing musicians and songwriters together. He is also a great testament to the benefits of coming to personal development work early in life and the recognition that we are in charge of what we get out of life and how we feel about it. 

John Kenny Dysfunctional Relationships Podcast Conversation

John Kenny : I Married My Mum!

Growing up John Kenny had no idea what he wanted to be or do. He wandered from one thing to another until he finally had the wake up call he needed. What he discovered was he had spent his whole life dating his Dad, and ended up marrying his Mum!

Today John is a relationship coach, fusing together his life experience, counselling, coaching and NLP skills to create his own coaching model (IRC) for relationships. He is passionate about this work, it feeds his soul.