John Kenny Dysfunctional Relationships Podcast Conversation

John Kenny : I Married My Mum!

Growing up John Kenny had no idea what he wanted to be or do. He wandered from one thing to another until he finally had the wake up call he needed. What he discovered was he had spent his whole life dating his Dad, and ended up marrying his Mum!

Today John is a relationship coach, fusing together his life experience, counselling, coaching and NLP skills to create his own coaching model (IRC) for relationships. He is passionate about this work, it feeds his soul.

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Perks or Purpose? : Shortcast

This week’s topic, ‘Perks or Purpose?’ is prompted by I post I came across on LinkedIn. It was about companies who are losing staff at an alarming rate. It’s a phenomenon that is being noticed by large organisations across the world. Companies that are employing some of the best in Read more…

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The Difference We Make : Shortcast

The difference we make in the world is often through the little things that are so simple they are easily overlooked or considered irrelevant. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s always worth repeating, especially because a little thing I did three years ago became highly relevant when I bought Read more…

Peter Elam Community podcast for Life Passion & Business

Peter Elam : Search For Community

My guest is Peter Elam, a software developer. But you will not hear anything about computers or coding on this show. That is because Peter is also passionate about education reform and creating healthy communities that support people to build a better future, deeper connections and clarity in communication.

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Vulnerability : Shortcast

How vulnerable are you willing to be? Vulnerability gives us the opportunity to connect, but it also puts us at risk of failure and shame. Those were some of the things discussed in last week’s shortcast ‘Failure and Forgiveness’ so it seems apt to follow on with a conversation about Read more…

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Roles : Shortcast

Are you blindly accepting the roles that have been defined for you? Or are you choosing them more consciously?

By reflecting on this topic, we have an opportunity to engage in our various roles with more integrity and bring them into alignment with our mission, or purpose in life.

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Independence : Shortcast

Dependence, Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence.

What is the difference between them and how do we create a balance that healthily supports each individual to flourish and contribute their best to the whole?

John Vuong Resilience & Relationships LP&B podcast

John Vuong : Resilience & Relationships

John’s story begins at his birth just 2 weeks after his parents and 3 older siblings had arrived in Toronto, Canada. Having liquidated all of their life in war-torn Vietnam, John’s parents had moved the family across the world to start a new life “for the betterment of the next generation”.

Ann Sieg: Family & Business

E-Commerce Coach and Community Builder, Ann Sieg, for whom family & business is a natural combination. Taking pride of place in her office is a pair of knitted Christmas Bells her grandmother taught her to knit them when she was just eight years old. Ann’s mother suggested she knit a few more sell them to the neighbours. That was her first taste of entrepreneurship.