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  • Shortcast : Do You Get Angry?

    Shortcast : Do You Get Angry?

    Do you get Angry, is there something that really gets you mad? Why, and have you ever unpacked it? This show will cover where anger comes from and offer some simple techniques that you can use to deal with anger in everyday situations. We all get angry from time to time; the modern world expects […]

  • Shortcast : Feelings and Emotions

    Shortcast : Feelings and Emotions

    Were you aware of any strong feelings and emotions this week? We are about to start a series of shortcast on the theme of feeling and emotion, and today I thought to explore why I have come to this.  There is every possibility that I am reacting to these triggered emotions and may be acting […]

  • Shortcast : Reviewing Your Story.

    Shortcast : Reviewing Your Story.

    It is time to look at your story and see if it still fits in a changing world. Because try as you might ignore what is happening it will still happen. As someone who is passionate about moving people forward. I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I’m going and what I […]

  • Shortcast : Choosing Happy

    Shortcast : Choosing Happy

    I was slightly triggered this week when I saw a post about happiness. Some of these things can be made to look so simple, and the reality is they are not. The question was, is happiness a choice. The point is that our reaction to something triggers all happiness, which can come from the inside […]

  • Shortcast : Gain Without Pain.

    Shortcast : Gain Without Pain.

    Is gain without pain even possible? We’ve all heard those words no pain, no gain. What does not kill you makes you stronger. But are they true? Is it possible to grow without trauma and discomfort? I was on the road Friday, meeting up with the wife for a weekend in the borders returning a […]

  • Shortcast : Family Stories

    Shortcast : Family Stories

    Are you having important conversations? Are there elephants in the room? I was privileged to be part of my wife’s family reunion last week. My mother-in-law is 82 and in good health; however, it could be the last time she will see her son, who was over from the US for the first time in […]

  • Shortcast: Consumption or Creation

    Shortcast: Consumption or Creation

    Do you Netflicks binge, are you hooked on the news cycle or social media? I want to explore the balance between consumption and creation on the show today. It is easy to get hooked into following the news cycle, plugging into the media circus. But I wonder if we are losing our sense of balance […]

  • Shortcast : Mind Tricks of C19

    Last Monday, I did the tests, and COVID has come to visit after two years. The Minds Tricks had begun. To be honest, it was pretty apparent by this point. But the journey to that test was eventful, and I thought it would make for an interesting reflection.  Before I realised it was COVID, my […]

  • Shortcast : Sacredness and Flow

    Shortcast : Sacredness and Flow

    What is sacredness and flow? May you be are one of those people that have sacred moments in life. This podcast explores how and why it is important to bring some sanctity back into our lives. There are some great exercises at the end for you to explore.  Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated throughout the […]

  • Shortcast : Regrets and Growth

    Shortcast : Regrets and Growth

    Live life like you mean it and have absolutely no regrets. That was a quote I saw on a friend’s Facebook pages years ago. Do you have regrets, or are you one of those who have none? In this show, we will explore regret and how rumination of our regrets is so damaging and detrimental […]

  • Shortcast : Attention and Inspiration

    Shortcast : Attention and Inspiration

    Attention and Inspiration, where are you placing your attention?There is a saying where your attention goes energy flows? In this podcast, I am looking at the importance of attention, where it is placed and how it can build us up or take us down. We live in a world driven by the need to get […]

  • Shortcast : Breaking Routines

    Shortcast : Breaking Routines

    Are you stuck in a pattern, and does it serve? Are your routines healthy and supportive or restrictive?  Only you will know, and maybe they need to be broken to be able to tell the difference.  In this show, we explore breaking routines and why it is essential to take time out from life to […]