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  • Shortcast : Truth and Polarity

    Shortcast : Truth and Polarity

    What is truth, and who decides what is true?  Join me in a conversation about truth polarity and the desire to be right. Yes, I have been there, fighting for a position because it was essential to be right. I am sure we have all been in that position. In this show, we will look […]

  • Shortcast : Destiny of Luck

    Shortcast : Destiny of Luck

    In this show, I am exploring the destiny of luck and exploring how it is possible to bring more luck in your direction.  Does it needle when hearing about someone getting crowned with success or life’s prizes? Do you see other people as just lucky? It can be hard to see what looks like easy […]

  • Shortcast : Triggers, Moaning and Whining

    Shortcast : Triggers, Moaning and Whining

    In this show, I will explore that very human trait of complaining, moaning and bitching, and we will see why it might not be so bad after all. Do you know someone who bitches and moans? If you are anything like me, I am sure you do your own moaning and whining from time to […]

  • Shortcast : Courage and visibility

    Shortcast : Courage and visibility

    How courageous are you? The podcast was born of my search for more meaning in life, and the reality is that meaning does not just appear; it has to be found, nurtured and developed. On some level, we have to fight for it because that is the nature of the hero’s journey. To find meaning, […]

  • Shortcast : Triple the Joy with Gratitude

    Shortcast : Triple the Joy with Gratitude

    Last week I spoke about doubling the joy of a happy event through the experience of anticipation.  This week we are exploring it further with the power of gratitude. In the conversation last week I talked about sharing the secret of the surprise Mother’s Day visit my son planned for my wife. How I joyfully […]

  • Shortcast : Double The Joy

    Shortcast : Double The Joy

    We all want a bit of joy in life, but what if I were to tell you there’s a way to experience double the pleasure? My conversation with you this week was brought about by a secret plan hatched with my son to surprise his Mum with a visit on Mother’s day. I knew she’d […]

  • Shortcast : Cognitive Dissonance

    Shortcast : Cognitive Dissonance

    This week we are exploring cognitive dissonance. Situations or events that conspire to take us in a direction that conflicts with our internal compass.  The stuff that has us squirming when the world doesn’t meet our picture of how it should be. I am talking about values and ethics that guide how we live our […]

  • Shortcast: Hanging In There

    Shortcast: Hanging In There

    On today’s show, I am looking at some tools that could help you stay centred, while those around you are losing it. Are you hanging in there? I am talking about the power of creativity. About taking care of what you read or watch, and exploring why it is important to listen to your quiet […]

  • Shortcast : Believing The Story

    Shortcast : Believing The Story

    In today’s show, we’re going to explore why it’s so critical to believe in your story and what happens if it runs out. Last week would have been the 95th birthday of my father, so it seems fitting to explore his story and how I came to create the podcast through that journey. Life is […]

  • Shortcast : Staying Positive

    Shortcast : Staying Positive

    How do we focus on staying positive in the face of all that is happening around us? Our mental health and mindset are influenced but our environment and the narrative we are experiencing. Feeding our minds with negative stuff will shift how we feel about life.  I call it the Wellness Spiral; for others, it […]

  • Shortcast : Healthy Boredom

    Shortcast : Healthy Boredom

    How would you like to be more creative, less stressed and more open to opportunity? Today’s show is about making space for boredom, does that sound crazy? Who wants to be bored? Well, it depends on the type of boredom you are experiencing. Yes, there are different types. Hot and cold. Have you ever taken […]

  • Shortcast : Commitment & Sacrifice

    Shortcast : Commitment & Sacrifice

    Today’s shortcast explores the relationship between sacrifice and commitment to goals, and how to avoid the pitfalls and dangers that this union brings.  Be it work, home, relationships or possessions we all make commitments in some form or other. The greater the goal or desire, the more we are likely to sacrifice to achieve or […]