What Are We About?

The question in the podcast interviews is always the meaning of life, but I am beginning to wonder it we need a bigger question. A Sunday Reflection Shortcast with your host Paul Harvey.

Rolling With Change

How do you roll with change, my thoughts as the local church finds a solution to it yearly Carol Service under COVID restrictions?  Thoughts on the podcast going forward. What would you like to hear?  There is still, time to explore Christmas gratitude for free or experience Spirit duality as Read more…

Thoughts on Community

This Sunday reflection is exploring the importance of community. As humans, we create them everywhere, and when we lose them or leave it hurts. Spirit-duality is less than seven days away, do get your ticket; these conversations are not to be missed. The tickets are Free for the Inspirational section. Read more…

The Loss of Rituals

Today’s Sunday reflection is all about rituals and how we have let them pass. Why were they so powerful why did we let them go?  As mentioned a bit our new event is the seed for these conversations. Spirit duality is the 14th to 22nd November I hope you will Read more…