El Edwards Being Weird With God Podcast Interview Image for Life Passion & Business

El Edwards : Being Weird With God

El is not afraid to be weird, she rejoices in being different conversation is her being honest and open about talking to God.

There is no preaching here, so stick with me.

El has a bubbly personality, so whatever you think of the subject you will enjoy the lively pace and fun she brings to the conversation. El and I have different perspectives about God, so it was fun to bat a few ideas around.

Gloria Rand Finding Love Podcast Interview

Gloria Rand : Finding Love

This week, Gloria Rand is sharing her story of finding ‘self’ love through writing her book Live. Love. Engage. Her work is in SEO copywriting and her background is in television, so when the message to write a book about Love popped into her head during meditation it was a complete surprise to her.

Jennifer Main : The Empathic Initiator

Jennifer Main : Empathic Initiator

Can you imagine what it would be like growing up if the shadows in the dark were not figments of your imagination? Jennifer’s psychic abilities meant that as a child those shadows were more real and scary than they are for the rest of us.

Ali Shah : TapeReel onnection in Society podcast interview

Ali Shah : Connection in Society

My guest is Ali Shah, founder of social media app called TapeReel, created as a reaction to the lack of real connection in society. He feels that social media is pushing us apart more than it brings us together. With TapeReel you can record and only engage through audio and video.

John Purkiss The Power of Letting Go podcast interview

John Purkiss : The Power of Letting Go

John Purkiss is my guest on this double show. He is a headhunter, ex-banker and 3 times published author. His latest book is The Power of Letting Go and it explores his journey from the logical thinker to mindfulness, and living life in the moment.