5th Birthday Show

The 5th Birthday

It is our 5th Birthday week, the podcast is 5 years old in the first week of January 2023 and this is our birthday celebration show, well shows.  The first part covers how the show started and a little bit of what I have discovered. We briefly chatted with the Read more…

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Shortcast : Living Beyond

Are you living beyond? Last week I spoke about how I was limiting myself by dithering over the race this weekend. I have had a few more thoughts and want to talk to you about living beyond. Because this aspect of limits is a far broader conversation Limits are everywhere, Read more…

Rich Morley, Tai Chi on Life Passion & Business Podcast

Rich Morley : The Healing Power of Tai Chi

At 16 Rich Morley was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, by 30 he was medically retired and living on benefits, today he is fully recovered and supporting others to turn their lives around. How did he do it?

discovering what is possible beyond medical intervention. And it is about harnessing the power of belief to turn your life around.

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No Limits

If you follow the podcast, you may be aware of my return to exercise in my 50’s and how I use it as a measure of moving beyond personal limits. This week is a celebration of my most recent running achievement and a reflection on how a lot of the Read more…