Tom Liebelt Smart Brand Marketing Podcast Interview

Tom Liebelt : Smart Marketing

Tom is one of those guys who sees an opportunity and makes it work. He has published around 5000 Kindle books and has built a successful SEO. He now has a thriving business employing a team of people creating and marketing online courses. All of it bootstrapped and done with zero outside funding.

John Purkiss The Power of Letting Go podcast interview

John Purkiss : The Power of Letting Go

John Purkiss is my guest on this double show. He is a headhunter, ex-banker and 3 times published author. His latest book is The Power of Letting Go and it explores his journey from the logical thinker to mindfulness, and living life in the moment.

Gillian Davies Women's Transformation

Gillian Davies : Women’s Transformation

The guest on the show today is Gillian Davies, and she is a women’s transformational coach. Gillian specialises in helping women who are in their mid-late 40’s, the early 50s. For these women, it is about giving themselves time and attention after many years of providing their focus to the Read more…

Bryan Clayton : Uber For Lawn Care LP&B Podcast Interview

Bryan Clayton : Uber for Lawn Care

It all started when Bryan Clayton was 13 years old with the $20 his neighbour paid him for cutting the lawn. By the time he reached high school, he had 200 customers.

Fast forward a few more years to college, he was already employing five people.

Join me to discover how Green Pal grew into the successful business it is today.

Lisa Barry : Mission Led Content

My guest on the show began her career as a teacher, and while she left it behind long ago, she still retains that awareness into her business. Lisa Barry Mission led content, is all about getting business owners to align with their mission and values and bring it to the Read more…