Today’s guest is Cathy Nesbitt who has has been a vermiculture champion for over 20 years (that’s worm composting to you and me).

Being ‘a lady of a certain age’ her working life started with few options: Teacher, Nurse or Secretary. She chose the latter, and had a 20-year career as secretary and PA working for some prestigious companies. Whilst this work was fine, it was not her passion. The shift to something more inspiring began when volunteering at a nursing home. She became interested in Psychology and was inspired to study so joined a night school class whilst continuing to work full time at her day job.

After finishing with a qualification, she looked for an opportunity to use and explore her new skills and found a place working with challenged adults.

“This is why I was put on earth to be a social worker,
until I met management, wow did not expect the politics.”

Little actions can lead to big changes and in the 1990s, most developed countries were having problems with waste. Canada was no exception, landfills in Toronto had become full, and trash was being exported to US landfill sites. Looking to do her bit, Cathy started composting at home and encouraging others to do the same.

A work injury in 2001 lead Cathy to consider new options and she decided to start her own business. That was the start of what has now been a 20-year journey with composting and worms.

Throughout the years, Cathy has won over 20 green business and community support composting awards. She has published over 300 articles and has been on TV and radio both local and national.

Not being one to stand still, Cathy is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher and Laughter Ambassador. So her life has a theme of worms, bean sprouts and laughter. Her personal mission is to promote simple solutions for today’s challenges.

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