We all need a little calm in our lives, and our guest on the show is Clare Downham, who went from being a burnt-out teacher to becoming the queen of calm. Not overnight, of course; there is a story to be told. 

Her recovery came once she discovered a place of calm by stripping back rather than adding more. It was the application of the three principles and the realisation that reality is not what we think it is.

The three principles are a tricky concept. They inspired Sydney Banks, a Scottish Welder from the 1970s. He was living in Canada and struggling with insecurity. While attending a weekend course, a passing comment about thoughts opened a door in his mind. 

I have been exploring the principle for many years. It is an incredibly simple concept but really hard to implement and explain.

Queen of Calm

Clare is a great storyteller; her original plan was to be an engineer, and she learned to weld, cut and mill metal. But the science of engineering was not her thing. In a 180-degree shift, she went into the humanities and on to do a teaching degree.

She met her husband, became a teacher and set about the process of building a life with a family. Hungry to succeed, she took all of the promotions she could get, moving quickly into school management.

Nothing in the training teaches you to manage a school. How does a van with no wheels end up blocking the school gates, and more the point, how or who gets to move?

We explore what caused her to go off the rails and how self-care may have prevented her eventual burnout. 

It is a lovely conversation with a woman who has been on the journey of life and realised that reality is not what it seems.

We get to explore the three principles, something I have wanted to do but never had the confidence to do on my own. Today, Clare is a three-principle practitioner, is known as the Queen of Calm and has a large following on Insight Timer.

She is dedicated to helping busy women create a life “Powered by Calm” by guiding them to transcend stress, anxiety, and overwhelm without the addition of tools, techniques or trawling through the past.

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