Today’s Shortcast explores the reason why Values are important and how to find your own core values.

On talking to a podcast guest this week about values, we discussed how it leads to dissonance and discomfort when they are not being fulfilled. Our conversation was about the working environment, but it applies to every aspect of life.

I know many people who have started working for an organization because it represented something for them. Then somewhere down the line the values they thought the organization represented are no longer true. This can be something discovered early on, or several years down the line. We also see this played out in the media and politics, where a company or person is found out to be doing something that goes against the values people thought they represented.

Why It Is Important To Know Your Values

Values are an integral part of the choices we make, in the way we live our lives and who we associate with and yet we rarely consciously list them. One advantage of clearly defining your core values is that it helps you make critical choices or resolve complex issues where a decision is required. For example, when choosing a new job, partner, role or life direction.

In the shortcast I offer some suggestions to help you ascertain your values and narrow them down to a set of core values that will give you a solid grounding. This is useful as a personal exercise, and is a particularly valuable resource for businesses. Ascertaining your values in business helps in choosing employees and in marketing and promoting your brand.

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