Are you emotionally aware? Have you had a go at counting your feelings, and how many would you recognise?

I heard on a podcast this week that many people, if asked, could only identify three emotions while feeling them.

Happiness, Sadness and Pissed Off. 

How did we become so disconnected?

In last week’s podcast, I was considering joy, and this week I became open to the experience. I was aware of how much joy I have in everyday life. 

There was a running across a field of dying snowmen; there was a conversation with my son, which connected me back to that event on the hill together.

The point is when we can connect with our emotions and are aware of what we are feeling, it gives us a whole new set of information. A new set of tools to make decisions and navigate the world.

In our shortcast, we are exploring just how you go about finding emotions and why it’s important, the value of it.  Plus, there’s always that little homework I set for us all.

Could you count your emotions over the next 7-days?

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