How courageous are you?

The podcast was born of my search for more meaning in life, and the reality is that meaning does not just appear; it has to be found, nurtured and developed. On some level, we have to fight for it because that is the nature of the hero’s journey. To find meaning, we have to become more visible and have the courage to do it.

On this show, I encourage you to look at what you stand for and I will be exploring the benefits gained from standing firm in a cause that we believe in and want to champion.

Over the last week, I took part in a 5-day challenge to be more visible in my mission and I will let you into my world and share thoughts on where I am heading.

I explore how the cause and our values are mixed and what that means.

Are you standing up for what you believe in? Because when we stand in our courage and be visible in our cause it is powerful. That means when stuff comes at us we experience it from a place of power and strength. Our ability to deal with it is far greater than if it would come at us in a place of weakness.

Standing is Your Courage and Power

I will share with you some of my next steps and how I am going to take my mission forward.

Do the exercises and tell me how you get on I would love to know what you do with it.

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