It has been an interesting week, if you follow my podcast or heard my personal shortcast last weekend you will know that I took my son to start his new life in university housing last week and I am starting my new life as an ’empty-nester’.

I have to say there have been a range of emotions passing through me: grief, joy, sadness and many more. Of course, I want my son to go off into the world and have a fantastic time, but that doesn’t change how I feel having lost my best friend.

It is the beginning of a fascinating journey, and has given me an insight into how estranged parents feel without access to their children or worse when parents literally lose a child. I haven’t lost mine, he is just 2 hours away, but he’s no longer in my daily life, and I’m having to readjust my day life and find new ways of being, filling the gap left behind.

COVID, the gift and curse, has given us an opportunity to be together at home every day for the last 6 months. I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to spend this unique time with my teenager.

His moving on has given me the chance to look at the idea of creating space around transitions, allowing space to be, so that new stuff can come in naturally.

In relationships, it is common for people to jump into a new relationship immediately, and is known as ‘rebound’ and I’m discovering that this rebound action could be applied to anything.

Recognising this, I have used this past week for slowing down and taking stock of what I want over the next period of my life. I joke about the idea that my son was an 18-year project that no longer needs my daily attention. Not true, he is texting daily, but that will slow over time.

The future looks bright. I’ve got lots of opportunities with the podcast, events and all sorts of projects in front of me. But I need to allow space and time to adjust, find my new daily rituals and breathe into the new life that I’m building.

My question to you this week is where are you allowing space and time to listen to the quiet opportunities that are looking to be born? I had an interesting catch-up chat with one of our guests from the last summit, Simon Jordan. He was saying that as entrepreneurs, we can make things happen, but the best results come when we allow things to flow. When we allow time and space for what is waiting to be born, things occurs in a state of natural flow rather than stress and struggle.

So I put this out to you: What are you giving time for, where are you making space so that you can reconnect with passion, excitement and joy?

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