When Dai Manuel first introduced himself to me, he said he was a purveyor of happiness. He certainly comes across that way now but, as with all of my guests there is a journey to be discovered.

Our conversation is about transition, it’s about change, it’s about living with difficult feelings and addictive behaviour.  We are talking about food, drink and drugs, and Dai did it all. He understands what it means to be a man seeking balance between health and connection.

For example, one of the issues many men face is how to seek connection with others without falling into unhealthy habits. For example, what do you do when the pub is where you meet your mates but alcohol addiction is a problem?

Dai is well aware of these pitfalls and opens doors for other men who face similar issues. This is the story of a man coming to terms with who he is and who he wants to be. Who knows what it takes to fully live and connect with others without pretence.

Dai has taken his life experiences and turned them into a tool to support others and models his work on five F’s:

Fitness, Family, Faith, Finances and Fun.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dai Manuel.

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