My guest on the show today is a successful speaker & presenter on the world stage and now an author. Dawna Campbell, like many who follow the classic career ‘success’ model reached the point where it almost crushed her.

When Dawna was nine, her mum asked her what she wanted to do with her life.  Joining Greenpeace and saving the whales was her first choice. Her mum was unconvinced that it was the right life choice and suggested a more professional vocation.

“Be a Doctor lawyer or even a scientist.”

It was that conversation that set her on the path towards a professional career in finance. After years of study, College degrees and security exams, she moved into the finance industry and became passionate about helping middle-class families get the finance they needed for a better life.

After ten years in the industry, with the stress and anxiety burning her out from the inside, her body was giving up. With years of ongoing ill health and even surgery, in desperation and looking for a solution, she found an alternative route that put her on a new path of discovery.

Since 2010 Dawna has been known as the ‘Mind Whisperer’.  She combines her past knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help people restore life and move towards happiness, prosperity, and love.

Over that last year Dawna has combined her 25 years of professional experience in the finance and alternative sector to create a book:

Financially Fit

It brings together the financial world, the energy body, and the soul’s essence.

When free to do so, Dawna travels as a motivational speaker and workshop leader. She is passionate to share Heart Centered Healing philosophy as a means to creating a world that is a better place for all.

Thank you for joining me with Dawna Campbell. You will find her book and links below the timeline.


2.45  Early life decision
6.00  Stress and anxiety can destroy the body
6.15  Finding healing and change of life
7.30 Mediation and moving to an Ashram
8.15  Financial devastation.
8.45 Spiritual healing
9.00 International practice and the world stage
9.45 Thoughts create your reality but emotions supercharge the process
11.30  Energy and Money
13.30 Becoming what you want to be
15.30 What is success
16.00 Exploring what it means to be successful
19.30  Contribution
20.00 Working with the mentor studio
20.45 What does it mean to be a Mind Whisperer.
21.30 The new book Financially Fit,  Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life
24.45 What is the meaning of life. Finding the gifts to…

Dawna Campbell Links:

If you are interested in exploring your relationship with money Dawna Campbell ‘s book is available now on Amazon kindle. Links to Dawna’s website and social media are below.

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