De-commit to Commit is a conversation about goal setting, the tools for goal setting and some important considerations about de-commitment that came out of a conversation with my accountability partner.

I have a weekly commitment partnership that has been going for over 18 months. We help keep each other on track with our short term goals whilst holding the bigger perspective for our long term goal. I highly recommend it as an effective way of staying focussed.

Our conversation came around to Goal Mapping, a technique created and developed my Brian Mayne (see below). My accountability partner found the map they had created 18 months ago and discovered that many of the things on it had come to pass. This prompted me to reflect on the achievements with my own Goal Map.

When I created my map in 2019, I said that by August 2020 I would be Podcasting full time. I also included an income figure and various other actions I said I would achieve. The interesting thing is the way it all came to pass, something I could not have predicted back then. The other interesting fact is what has been holding me back.

Letting Go To Move Forward

This is something that has taken me a long time to release. But it is only in doing so that I can truly commit to the new direction I want to take. In this conversation I share my experience and explore what we hold on to and why. I invite you to look what you may need to de-commit from to move forward in your own life.

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Brian Mayne – Goal-Mapping

Brian Mayne was one of the inspiring speakers in our 2020 Spirit-duality event. He is a truly amazing man with a fascinating life journey that started in the travelling fairground business. It includes bankruptcy, working for Tony Robbins and moving on to create his own powerful transformation tool called Goal Mapping. Brian’s book is included in my Recommended Books list and you can discover more about Brian through our Spirit-duality event.

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