Being real and authentic in the entertainment industry is the difference between a good and a great show. But what if we were real and authentic in everything we do? I have a special admiration for those with a natural talent for music and performance, I had the acting bug in my 20s, and still, I love singing in groups. 

Our guest in the show is a creative powerhouse; she has written and performed numerous one-woman shows and has three musicals to her name. She plays, sings, composes and, has written five books plus she speaks at live events. 

Deborah Johnson’s life is about the expression of creativity; that journey began when she was nine. She was born to a musical family with a sister playing the violin. Deborah was guided to the piano and progressed quickly in her ability to play and sing. 

She was the young little pianist who would do a solo piece at events and fairs. 

Deborah took on her first students when she was 13. After college with an MA, she taught music at all levels, but her passion has always been creation and performance. That has been a story of discipline and dedication to her craft. As she says, “ It is putting in the reps,” she believes in hard work to get a result..

Being Real and Authentic.

In our conversation, we touch on her process, her fear, and what drives her. Deborah is a solopreneur and is constantly looking for the next creative project.

She has been nominated for multiple GRAMMY Awards after more than  20 years in the entertainment industry. She’s built numerous self-driven businesses and is an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in the gig economy.

Deborah is actively speaking and performing for both live and virtual events and will continue with her creative projects, as she said, “ Until my kids put me in a home.”

Join us for this delightful conversation with Deborah Johnson.

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