Communication is the theme in my conversation with Diana Silva Franco. It is her quest is to teach others how to communicate and inspire. She is a restless soul was born in Venezuela during a time when it was vibrant energetic country, was entice to move to Argentina and today has landed in Spain. 

From her early years, she was a natural communicator learning to speak before she was a year old. Her mother was a doctor, and her Father was a film-maker. She grew up surrounded by media and developed a passion for writing and exploring. College led her to journalism, a path that was made for her.

Becoming the Persuasive Communicator.

One of her lecturers said she would be a cult leader, a politician or a persuasive communicator.

While at college, she discovered how easy it was to do the work when you loved it. Straight out of education, she went into a newsroom, writing and producing.

It was some of the most exciting times. Loving it more than anything, she dropped into 18 hour days, living and sleeping at the office.

She lasted three years before she burnt out at the age of 26; Journalism and news media had become an addiction for her she could never go back. The recovery is a small part of our story what is more important is the rebuilding that followed.

What followed an adventure into the corporate world, working with an ambassador creating events and getting mugged ten times in ten months.

Venezuela was not the vibrant and safe country she was born into.

But the universe had plans, 4 days into 3 month sabbatical in Argentina, An email from Disney International appeared on her phone.  “ We  have seen your CV it would be good to chat”

There is lots of magic in the life of Diana Silva Franco

How to Communicate and Inspire.

Today Diana strategic communications entrepreneur, and through her brand “Comunicar para Inspirar”  works with foundations, educators, and NGOs. She has the capacity to hear what they do and tell their story to inspire media coverage and attract funders and supporters.

The journalist is still working with the news and changing the world. 

Time Stamps

Life Journey and Passion

Success at 39.00 min

Contribution 44.30 min

Meaning 45.30 min

Communication to Inspire with NGOs 47 min

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