When I was approached by Dmitry Badiarov, musician and luthier (violin maker), I realised that my focus on people in business has almost precluded the most passionate people on the planet! This podcast is about Violins, Passion and the Legacy Dmitry wishes to pass on to other luthiers.

If I randomly asked “What are the most common passions?” music would be high on most people’s list. However, although music is all around us in the modern world, very few actually learn to play! In my parents’ generation everyone played something and making music together was part of everyday life.  I know times were different before TV and the Internet, but it does seem a tragic loss for social connection.

However, Dmitry Badiarov’s life story is something else.
This conversation is full of magic and imagery.

Today we are talking about the wonder and mythology of famous instruments and of course Dmitry’s journey from violin student to master of his craft as a world renowned violin maker. Dmitry shares his passion and rediscovery of the ancient traditions and techniques of Master Makers. His legacy includes championing the return of the Violoncello da Spalla.

The Birth Of A Life Long Passion

Dmitry Badiarov Violins

Dmitry is from a small town in southern Russia and began learning violin at just 8 years old. By the age of 11 he was proficient and being tutored by a renowned professor. But try as he may, his factory made instrument was not capable of matching the beautiful sounds he was looking for.

When Dmitry’s professor introduced him to the local violin maker, it turned out to be a Life Changing moment and his passion for music grew to include making and repairing violins.

In the conversation we hear how Dmitry struggled to make his first violin, working the wood on his lap with makeshift tools made from nail files. He relives his experience of telephoning 300 friends and family to borrow the $1000 that would change his life. Dmitry also takes us on his journey, leaving Russia to explore the world and eventually settling in the Netherlands where he opened is first repair shop.

Limitations & Legacy

Dmitry Badiarov Hands

It has been 28 years since Dmitry opened his first workshop and he stopped repairing violins 20 years ago to focus on making instruments.

In 2013 he suffered a cerebral stroke and was faced with the possibility of never playing or making another violin. After a full recovery he recognised his limit. At this point in life he is unlikely to make more than 30 more instruments. So, it is time to pass on what he has learned to other ambitious instrument makers. This way his skills and passion for the work will continue as his legacy.

Today, Dmitry’s mission is to work with his students to produce the best instruments, and develop their entrepreneurial skills so they get paid for being the best in the craft. He wants his students to thrive so that together they can ensure these ancient traditions live on and continue to enrich our culture. Dmitry’s belief is…

“If you are going to make instruments, leave a legacy.
Make a mark the world can’t ignore or erase.”

Like me, you may not be an aspiring luthier, but I do urge you to explore Dmitry’s links and channels. In researching this programme I discovered his YouTube channel and got lost watching him talk about instruments and playing the Violoncello da Spalla. There are also some duets with his wife Tomoe Badiarov – all worth watching.

I hope you enjoy this rich conversation about Violins, Passion and Legacy with Dmitry Badiarov.

Dmitry Badiarov Podcast Luthiers & Legacy


Celebrating the launch of Dmitry’s podcast:
‘Luthiers & Legacy Show’

As a podcast listener you might want to join Dmitry for the launch of his podcast Luthiers & Legacy Show on May 1st.

During the day he is offering 20 free tickets to his 7 day online LIVE training “The Old Masters T.O.N.E.S. Technique™” (normally €2953) to share the ancient system of acoustical design with luthiers. 

Details of this offer can be found at: https://authenticinstrumentmakersacademy.com/contest

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