I have been in marketing for 20 years and like every industry there are the “Stars” people that are leaders in their field. Doberman Dan is one of those leaders.

Doberman Dan (he will explain that name) has been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is a best selling author and A-list copywriter, a gun for hire in the world of sales copy.

He is also a professional musician and composer, and his writing success allows him the time to pursue that passion.

There is a story and a journey here, The idea of a music career started at age seven. However, coming from a poor family and low self-esteem background, goals and planning was not in the mindset.

In his early years, he worked without direction. While the dream was to be a professional musician, the reality was to earn a living. You will hear how he joined the Dayton Police Department; how he explored multi-level marketing and went on for nine years or serial business failure.

He ultimately discovered his success in writing for the Bodybuilding world, and this saw him leave the police departments and become a writer.

In this interview there are revelations. We discuss aspects of his journey that have never been publicly explored.

Our conversation is a business interview, but it is also a discussion about life and finding meaning.  At 40 minutes I came to my last question and we completed the interview.  However, when a guest interview is over there are practical issues to discuss. I am so glad that we were still recording because the conversation that followed went to a new level and Dan gave me permission to include in the publishing.


3.15 Why Doberman Dan?

6.30 Early life direction

7.45 Life passion

8.30 Becoming  a Police Officer

9.00 MLM and entrepreneurship

10.00 Direct response marketing copywriting

11.00 The hired gun copywriter

13.00 Passion for the work

15.15 Projects have a cycle

16.30 Working with your passion

18.00 The business funds my music

20.00 Experience from the police force

2115  Street Cop physiology

22.00 The life plan

24.30 The perfect day

26.30 Bulletproof coffee breakfast

29.00 Success is..

35.30 When is enough enough

39.00 Enjoying winning money is just keeping score

41.00 How to find your passion

44.30 Signing off, but wait there is more…


The following was recorded after the interview,  we continued speaking and agreed to keep it in the programme.


45.45 Losing your passion and meaning

46.00 What happened to Gary Halbert?

47.00 Everything I was told was a lie

48.00 Down the rabbit hole and the rookie answers

Dan reveals his personal thoughts and even those that know him might be surprised.

If you want to follow up with Dan and get a copy of his book mentioned on the show, visit his website at DobermanDan.com 

It is worth getting on his list as you will see a master in action.

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