Our conversation is about trauma and self-love, it is an extraordinary journey of survival and learning to love and heal herself.

Heather Browne had an odd but wonder-filled childhood. It was beautiful, creative and magical. When your coat is a polar bear that will keep you warm, it is both disturbing and incredible. She had no idea that her mother’s stories, creativity, and pretending to be different people, came from schizophrenia. Or that it was unusual until that day her mother became Judy the Babysitter while they were in the laundromat.  

She was eight years old when life took a turn and suddenly not so wonderful. Heather witnessed and experienced abuse, trauma, alcoholism, and finally abandonment as she was disowned. leaving her dysfunctional family at 17, she went to New York and put herself through college. 

While life had been tough, she had learned how to survive, function and act as if everything was normal. But on the inside, she was hollow out and unloved. She did a lot of churches and temples, looking for God, meaning and who she was.  

A Change of Career

Acting was her first choice of career, but she was guided to move away and help other people, it led her to train as a psychotherapist, and as she read the books to learn, she realised that she was the book. 

“The only person you truly have is you; how do you love and take care of yourself.”

It is a story of trauma and self-love, learning to be loved and rebuilding and helping others do the same.

Over her 27-year career, Heather has worked with thousands of individuals and couples in psychotherapy.  She is published in hundreds of journals, has an active YouTube channel, has been featured on TV and media, and as of last weekend, she is a Tedx speaker.

“We get one shot at being this human. Let’s make sure it is worth it.”

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