How do we communicate with clarity? It is about using the right words at the right time to the right people. As a communicator, I am very aware of the power of my words. There have been times when I have used the wrong words and got into trouble. 

Our interview is about the power of communication, and our guest on the show today is a master. It has become his mission to help leaders across the globe find the right words and make a bigger impact.

Dr Michael Gerharz was born in Near Koln in Germany. His first passion was music. The guitar became his instrument of choice, and as he progressed through education, he enjoyed jazz and studied classical music.

There came a decision point: music or follow his second love, computer science.  It was the 90s, a time of unlimited opportunity in this new, exciting field.

After his degree, he became a researcher and programmer and got his Ph.D. in Communications Systems. He had arrived in the computer industry just as the internet became a thing and was there at the birth of mobile phones and networks.

The inability to communicate with clarity

Throughout his work in research, he became aware of how many brilliant ideas or projects failed because of the inability to communicate and use words well. That realisation has led to a whole new career as an author and a communications coach.

Our conversation is about his journey through music and computers. It is about the common thread that unites them.  

Michael started his exploration of communication with a daily blog, now with over 800 posts. He is the author of the book “ Leaders Light the Path”, and he hosts the  “Irresistible Communication“ podcast.

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