I was listening to a laid-back pop music channel on Spotify this week.  I noticed the songs were beginning to form a pattern, they were about the loss of love or people, and the overriding feeling was that of regret.

  • Regret not dancing enough.
  • Regret not being a better person
  • Regret not valuing who they were 

It got me to think about the power of regret in our lives and they are big factors in what could hold people back. Nothing quite like the fear of repeating the pattern. 

I can’t say I am paralysed by my regrets but I certainly recognise that I get caught by them from time to time and the feeling is unpleasant. 

It has been said before and well documented when it comes to the end of life most people have some regret. I am determined I will move through mine before I get there and it is the mission of the podcast to help you do the same.

So here are some thoughts around regret, how we can take steps to move through them.

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