Thanks for clicking through on the Earth Day 2024 QR code. Below are links to the YouTube videos and information.

The Sustainable Old Men are three guys working in sustainability from different perspectives. We launched our YouTube Channel in May 2023 to encourage ordinary people to have the difficult conversation around climate change, sustainability, and our responsibility.

Paul Harvey, a coach and business mentor, hosts the podcast ( life Passion and Business). He is focused on human devolvement. It is about how we live our best life with balance in ourselves and towards each other and the planet.

Howard Gunstock was an HR professional who had an epiphany, a vision of a carbon sequestration opportunity. Four years later, the business was launched, and he became the CEO of It is a seaweed company with a unique business model that could be replicated anywhere in the world.

Gavin Lendon was an accountant who was made redundant in 2017. Gavin started an accountancy practice that morphed into He was attracted by the possibility of helping companies meet sustainability targets. He is a specialist in ESG and science-based targets. It is all about frameworks and measurement.

Earth day 2024 Event

Here are the Links to the Videos shown at the event under the titles.

The Path to Net Zero with ESG and Science-Based Targets. With Gavin Lendon

Here are links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundries

Seaweed: The Smart Solution to Reversing Climate Change. With Howard Gunstock

Howards Company

More about the climate change potential of Seaweed

If you want to catch up with myself or Howard or Gavin drop us a messages or find us on Linkedin.