Ebonie Allard Misfit to Maven

On the show today is Ebonie Allard, it was lively because Ebonie is a misfit and a Maven with an amazing life story.   Before she was 7 she has lived in a house truck on a commune and she went to a Steiner school. She is now a podcast host, artists and a business coach.

The big mission is to help 100,000 Misfits know that they belong. Live fully rounded, three-dimensional lives that are successful, FUN and self-governed.

The Power Of Self Development

This brings me nicely to that topic of self-development.  The one clear message that comes through all of my guests is the drive for progression.   This can come from two directions for some it will be the maintenance of what is, getting comfortable and starting to settle.  This was me..

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

The other side is the madness of overwhelm, it where a monster gets created to the point where the head can take no more.  This was Ebonie

Both directions lead to dissatisfaction with life and a loss of purpose. It is my belief that we end up in these places because we are not taught how to avoid them.

Change Your World

Earlier this year I started with a project called Change Your World Every Day. The main feature of the project is daily coaching delivered at 7 am every weekday morning. Starting your day with positive input is a powerful anchor. The group is encouraged to contribute by giving feedback and holding each other accountable.

It has been amazing to watch the participants grow and support others in their growth.  If you are looking for something to support your journey I urge you to find something with daily support it makes such a difference.

On the subject of Change Your Worlds the normal price is £29.99 month but using the link below will get you 3 months for the price of 2. 

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Ebonie Allard Misfit to Maven

As you may have guessed from my description of Ebonie is a woman who has always moved fast and taken risks. She has lived in France, New Zealand Ireland and in various location in the UK, thought out all of these she has never had a proper job.

Ebonie Allard Misfit to Maven

From selling homemade cards when she was 14, working in the film industry, starting one of the first virtual assistant companies to her current work as a coach, author and artist. Ebonie has experienced huge successes, massive failures & everything in between. She’s been self-employed, a freelancer, a business owner and an entrepreneur. It clear from here story that growth isn’t linear.

For Ebonie it is all about shifting consciousness so that we wake up and see life as it is. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ebiony Allard

https://ebonieallard.com/ The book and mastermind
https://misfit2maven.com/ The podcast
https://adultingwithebonie.com/ You can also connect with Ebonie on Instagram and Facebook

Turbo Coaching

Do you want to make changes and get stuff done? Yes, even without goals stuff needs to happen. 

For example, if you would like to move on with a goal or have a project where progress is slow, then the turbo coaching model could be for you.

The current offer is free, check out this page. to find out why.

It will move to a paid service as projects reduce my availability.

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