This week, my guest, El Edwards is joining me to talk about being weird with God.

This is an honest and open conversation, because El is not afraid to be weird, she rejoices in being different. So this is about her willingness to be honest and open about talking to God!!

There is no preaching here, so stick with me. El has a bubbly personality, so whatever you think of the subject you will enjoy the lively pace and fun she brings to the conversation. And for my American listeners, she has a great Welsh accent that I am sure you will enjoy.

An Opportunity For Discovery

Before every podcast recording there is the initial contact, usually by email and then a chat to explore the topic. When I received a message from El Edwards, almost the first thing she said to me was:

“I speak to God a lot, and you and I, I think, can have a great conversation.” 

I know this conversation can trigger opinions in all directions, but it is intriguing, so I ask you to please have an open mind. The Life Passion & Business Podcast is always about the people, and the tools and inspiration they gain or use to live their life with passion and purpose.

Christianity has always held meaning for El Edwards but in the latter years her daily conversations with God have enriched her life tenfold. For others, God might be named as the Universe, the Creator or maybe for the atheists, it’s just a figment of the imagination or considered a split personality. None of us have any way of determining what is right or wrong until the day comes when we leave this earth and get to find the answer for ourselves.

What I can say is that for El, this relationship really works and it makes her happy. So, if something makes someone happy, and they seem to be doing good in the world, then who are we to criticise it? 

El and I have different perspectives about God, so it was fun to bat a few ideas around with someone so open and honest. Whatever your view, there is some valuable insight to gain from listening to this and learning how El has created a life that is rich and fulfilling for herself and others.

Being A Weirdo

El’s family moved to Wales when she was little. So being British, we have a shared commonality in the TV programmes we are familiar with. This meant I immediately got what she meant when she shared that, as a child, she wanted to be Philip Schofield, the kids TV presenter who broadcast from a broom cupboard with a puppet call Gordon the Gopher.

But that wasn’t the only thing she considered. She also wanted to play clarinet on the West End stage, or be a Doctor on a Missionary ship. This brings a fresh perspective to the usual childhood ambitions and thinking outside the box is natural for El.

“I was a weirdo, I have always been a total weirdo. When someone called me weird when I was about 10 or 11, I took it as a massive compliment”

Despite this, she ended up following a fairly conventional path, taking a degree in music and becoming a teacher. She says what she really wanted was to fall in love and have children. However, when she found the husband and created a family of her own she discovered that “being normal” did not make her happy.

It was the unlikely route of a bible weight loss course that brought her to the realisation that she did not have to pretend to be normal. God loved her just the way she really was.  So although El did not lose much weight, she found a deeper purpose and meaning that led her back to accepting and rejoicing in her weirdness.

In her words “Life has been a series of little accidents and nudges.” Which has been all about excitement and passion, something she puts down to her ADHD tendencies, which she believes are a gift.

A Lively Debate

In this bubbly conversation we discuss the difference between going to church and being in direct relationship with God. We also have a lively debate about what or who is God and which is the best pronoun to use. El feels her life is being directed, so we explore stories of coincidence and guidance, taking examples from Perry Marshall’s book ‘Memos From The Head Office‘.

Overall, I would say it is all about being who you were made to be, and this is working very well for El. I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as we enjoyed engaging in it. 

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