Embracing Neurodiversity, we are all different, and there is no normal; every human is a mix of thoughts and feelings. But some in society struggle to fit or keep up with what is expected of being normal. Thankfully, we are all aware of terms like ADHD and other conditions, and yet we still live in a world where there is stigma associated with people who are different. 

In our conversation today, we are looking at neurodivergence and how it is recognised and needs to be embraced.

My guest on the show is Ellice Whyte, a Consultant Business Psychologist who is neurodiverse with ADHD. 

Elice started life with a passion for music, singing and performing, she has the ability to pick up any musical instrument and became proficient at many. Music was her happy place, allowing her to express feelings and move freely.

However, other education aspects were not easy, and she struggled in some areas. At some point in her late teens, developed an eating disorder. Upon finishing school, University was the plan but it took a gap year to get some life experience in the world of work.

Returning to education, she played to her strengths and went for a music degree. However, in her second year at university, she took a module in music therapy, which changed her perspective and gave her a new direction.  She moved toward psychology and helping people. 

The Master lecture that changes everything

In her mid-20s, she was studying for her master’s, and it was while sitting in a lecture that she effectively diagnosed her own neurodiverse condition.

“ I literally realised, “hmm I do a lot of these!””

This revelation deepened her interest in neurodiversity and fueled a passion for helping others understand their unique brain functionalities.

Funny enough, even today she is qualified to identify and give people the neurodiverse diagnosis. But she is still waiting for the medical profession to confirm her own officially.

Our conversation is a discussion of what it means to be neurodivergent and how bullying in the workplace can go so wrong.  We look at how you can identify your own condition and get access to testing, it is important to know that support is out there.  

Today, Ellice provides service as a business psychologist; her work revolves around applying psychological principles to enhance organisations’ health, productivity, and culture. 

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