This podcast is the exploration of my passion in the world, and it was born out of a desire to understand my life, to identify what it is I want.   Okay It is work in progress, but clarity is coming, and change has begun.

It is no longer just my project. I am sharing this journey and this vision with my co-host Lisa Avery.  All to be revealed soon.

The Podcast With Kevin

My guest on the show today was scheduled weeks back, however, due to numerous issues at both ends, it was postponed until now.  But that is the thing I notice the right guest seems to show up at the right time.


In every podcast, there is always an open question when I asked Kevin his answer he almost encapsulated my new thinking and purpose for this project.  Listen to this man; people pay him a lot of money to be coached or hear him speak. None of it is rocket science, but like any worthwhile journey, it takes effort and commitment to do the process.

Kevin started out in the corporate world and served 25 years in marketing, advertising, in senior-level positions with some of the largest brands in the world.  Household name  Walmart,  American Airlines and BMW

Currently, he is an entrepreneur’s mentor and coach, consultant, author, and speaker. The path chose him, but I am jumping ahead of the story.

Kevin’s life blew up with divorce and bankruptcy within a few months of each other. It was his journey out of the dark place that gave him the tools to feel good about himself.

Using his journey as the model and his corporate experience Kevin became an executive coach. Since then he has worked in 53 countries and currently serving clients on five continents, Kevin dives deep to uncover roadblocks, operational inefficiencies, and leadership needs.

There is a lot of value here, I hope you enjoy the conversation with Kevin Breeding.

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You can find the contact details for Kevin Breeding Here and that mindset report here

The next podcast will be the co-hosted show with Lisa Avery you can listen or download it on Friday. It is all about authenticity in life and business. If you would like to catch it sooner the video version of the show is live now on the life Passion and Business Facebook Group.