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This podcast is for anyone in business who is looking for answers. What does it mean to be successful? We tend to measure success in monetary value or the things we own. But that seems to be a poor measure. Is it all we have or is there another way to measure success?

How Do You Find Balance?

On this show, you will have the opportunity to hear from people that have found their own solutions. Ordinary people who are living a good life, a passionate life and expressing it through their business.

You will find tips and tools here to support your life journey, to help you find more passion and grow in your business or support your career.

So I hope you will join me on the journey towards greater meaning in life, business and the redefining of success.

The Questions

  • Are you passionate about what you do?   (Get in touch, I would love to chat.)
  • How much self-review or introspection do you do?
  • Why did you start your business? Was it to focus that passion or was it to make money. Both are good however one will drive your ambition while the other can burn you out.

The point is, does your work feed your life and engage your passion. Are you creating the life you want or are you letting the journey take you where it does?

My Story In 30 Words

Let me tell you a bit of my life story in 30 words: Corporate work/life for 30 years. Escaped from London and moved to Scotland.  Got involved in Eco projects, business advice and digital marketing. Became disillusioned with it all.

I have to admit I am not beyond the joy of money but I am also savvy enough to know that it is a poor driver of endeavour. For many years I have had no endeavour I have drifted making enough money to keep the wheels turning but not enough to thrive.

My Struggle Has Become The Big WHY?

What is life about, why are we here, what is the purpose. If making lots of money eating, drinking and making love is the sum total then it feels pretty hollow.

The point is I am searching for meaning. What I realised is that my search for meaning is a common issue. Humans are good at distraction and ignoring the problem. So it’s time to wake up and find a solution.

It was the death of my father that was the turning point for me. He was an old man 89 when he died, and he was ready to go. The problem was that all meaning had passed from his life, it was an endless round of meals TV and sleep.

So given that I am not my father how do I make sure I do not become him.

I will make it my mission to find meaning in my life
and express it through everything that I do.

Wow! Did I just say that?

This led me to the search for answers and the birth of this podcast. Given that I do not have the answers the best solution is to find people that look like they do and talk to them.

Welcome to Life Passion and Business. I hope you stick around, it is going to be a great journey.